Our Application Review Services

At Medicine Answered we specialise in providing medical school application consulting services. Amongst our most popular services are our 360 Application Review Service and our Personal Statement Review Service. The comprehensive 360 application review service consists of a full and detailed review of your application by a doctor, this includes your medical school choices, UKCAT score, as well as a detailed review of your personal statement. This 360 review of your medical school application is designed to give you feedback on your application as a whole to help maximise your chances of success. The personal statement review service solely focusses on your personal statement, with detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your personal statement.

Medicine Personal Statement Review Service

Medicine Personal Statement CheckedWriting a personal statement for your Medicine application can be a difficult and daunting process. If you are a UK or international student applying for Medicine at a UK University, then we are here to help you. We will check your Medicine personal statement, edit and proofread it to ensure that it reads grammatically correct. We will also provide feedback, this will be by a qualified Doctor.

Our Process

Our Medicine personal statement editing service is designed to be as helpful as possible to give you the best possible chance of making a great impression when applying for admission to medical school. We ensure this by providing a fully comprehensive service that includes:

1. Statement Analysis

Your personal statement will be reviewed by two members of our team. Initially one of our communications experts will review and proofread your personal statement to ensure that it reads grammatically correct and edit it accordingly, they will examine the spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure and style. Following this one of our Doctors will review your personal statement line by line. They will examine and focus upon your factual content, description of your personal strengths and academic achievements, and your reasons for wanting to study medicine.

2. Expert’s Feedback

On a separate page, our reviewers will provide an explanation of every change that they have made.

3. Finished Statement

You will be provided with a finished version of your personal statement that incorporates all the changes recommended into the text.

360 Application Review Service

As well as the challenges of writing a medical school personal statement, many applicants will also find the application as a whole daunting. This is where our 360 Application Review Service is designed to assist you. As part of this we will review your personal statement as detailed above, however, on top of this we will also consider and provide feedback on your application as a whole. This includes your medical school choices, UKCAT score, grades and your personal statement.

Medical School Choices

In the context of your overall application your medical school choices will be reviewed by one of our medical admissions expert doctors, who will provide relevant feedback as to whether the choices are strategically the best options for you. Alternatively, whether there are other universities that you could apply to where in light of your application you would have better chances of success.


The doctor reviewing your application will also review your UKCAT score and advise on the best universities to apply to. This may be universities that place greater weight on the UKCAT if you have a high score, or medical schools where less weight is placed on the UKCAT.

Academic Grades

Due to the rigorous nature of studying Medicine and the level of competition, academic grades are extremely important. Although the majority of universities will have the same entry requirements, there are still variations amongst some medical schools. Furthermore, the weight certain medical schools place on academic grades will vary. This is why we provide individualistic and tailored feedback as to the most appropriate medical school choices in order to make your application as strong as possible.

Personal Statement

Finally, as detailed above, a personal statement review is also included as part of the 360 application review service, this can also be purchased separately. However, as standard this is included in the application review service. This is a comprehensive review whereby your medical school personal statement will be reviewed by two members of our team.

Placing Your Order & Turnaround

Our Medicine Application Review service has a turnaround time of 5 days and our Personal Statement Review service has a turnaround time of 3 days from the time of purchase. To place your order simply select the service that you require and proceed to complete your order. Following your order being received, a member of our team will review your order and will email you with confirmation.

Application Review Service

  • Full application review
  • by a qualified doctor.

Personal Statement Review

  • Personal statement reviewed
  • by a qualified doctor.