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Mission Statement

Medicine Answered was founded by doctors and communications experts with the primary of aim of providing a comprehensive knowledge platform for aspiring doctors. As well as delivering specialist medical school interview courses, medical interview coaching and applications review services, all of which are carried out by qualified doctors. At Medicine Answered we provide free one stop guides covering all aspects of the medical school application process and beyond. From deciding whether medicine is the right career for you; to picking medical schools in the UK and abroad; the secrets to securing relevant medical work experience and writing medical school personal statements; all the way to what it is like to be a fully qualified doctor and working in the NHS. All of these aspects are also covered thoroughly in our medical school courses.

Our Values

With competition for medical school places becoming more and more intense each year, we believe that preparation is the key to succeeding in your medical school application. For this reason all of our courses are delivered by qualified doctors, who themselves received all four offers when applying to medical school. We do not cut corners or over fill sessions, we believe in providing the best possible, bespoke service to ensure that every student who attends our courses or uses our services comes away feeling confident and ready to excel in their interview.

Our Guarantee

At Medicine Answered we believe in our medical school courses and all of the services that we offer, we believe that they offer exceptional value and are highly effective. We are so confident in our services that we offer a number of guarantees.

We guarantee that all of our courses are created and delivered by a doctor.
We guarantee that all group sessions are kept to a maximum of 12.
We guarantee the highest standards, service quality & satisfaction.
We guarantee a full refund should you not be fully satisfied with our services.

Our Company

With many companies now offering medical school courses we felt that it was essential to provide a reliable, reputable service delivered exclusively by doctors. This is also why we provide a wealth of FREE guides and articles on our website which are all carefully and accurately written by doctors to assist everyone whether you can attend one of our courses or not. We believe that medical school education should not be about your background but based on merit, hard work and ability. So whether you choose to attend one of our courses or not, you will no doubt still benefit from our comprehensive, reliable medical school application guides.



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