Medical School Interview Book pdf

Instantly Downloadable Medicine Interview Book

A comprehensive guide to help you get that place at medical school.

Covering all aspects of the interview process in detail and providing key techniques for students to come up with answers that have a strong impact.



Medicine Interview Book

Our Medicine Interview Course Book is given to all participants of the medicine interview course. However if you are unable to attend in person you can also purchase our instantly downloadable eBook version which has over 100 pages of high quality content.  The interview course book includes guides to answering a multitude of medicine interview questions and MMI stations.

Topics included in the medicine interview book include:

Medical ethics,

Critical thinking,

Personal insight,

NHS hot topics,

Knowledge of medical school life,

As well as insight into medicine and medical careers.

Techniques covered in the medicine interview book include:

Handling hostile interviewers & MMI actors,

Controlling nerves,

Mastering body language, charisma and more.

In addition to all of the knowledge and techniques that you will learn about through the medicine interview book, we also cover the science of peak performance, so that you can overcome nerves and apply your knowledge on interview day. Our comprehensive Medicine school interview book is designed to cover all aspects of the medicine interview to help you excel in your interview.