Our Medical School Application Review Services

Medicine Answered provide specialised medical school application review services. Our two most popular services include:

  1. Our Premium Medicine Personal Statement Review Service – Both a professional editor with specific expertise in medical admissions and a fully qualified doctor, who received all four UCAS offers to study Medicine will review your statement. First our doctor will make improvements to the factual content, phrasing and structure to ensure your skills, achievements and experiences are highlighted to maximum effect given the limited word count. Then our professional editor will proofread the statement to ensure that the grammar, style, structure, syntax and flow are flawless to provide you with a finished Medicine Personal statement that will be sure to make a great impression.
  2. 360 Application Review – This service includes the full Medicine personal statement review as detailed above. Additionally, a doctor will look at your academic grades, UKCAT scores and work experience. In the context of your whole application, they will also suggest topics which may be discussed at your interview. They will provide a plan for what to do next in order to move forward and prepare for the rest of your Medicine application. They will give tailored feedback on these elements and based on this provide further suggestions on making strategically sound medical school choices in a way that maximises your individual strengths and minimises your weaknesses.

Uniquely, all our review services use both a Masters/PhD qualifiedMedicine Personal Statement Checked professional editor with specific expertise in medical admissions and a fully qualified doctor, who received all four UCAS offers to study Medicine. This is our minimum standard. This unique level of expertise makes us one of the UKs most trusted review services.

Premium Medicine Personal Statement Review Service

An Overview of Our Process:

Step 1. Professional Medicine Personal Statement Analysis

Two members of our team will review your Medicine personal statement. Initially one of our Doctors, who received all four offers to study Medicine, will review and edit your personal statement line by line. They will focus on making sure your personal statement meets the criteria that admissions tutors are looking for. For example, by making sure your work experience, extracurricular activities and motivations to study Medicine are discussed as effectively as possible. Following this a professional editor with specific expertise in medical admissions will review and proofread your Medicine personal statement. They will ensure that the spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, flow and style are outstanding and your personal statement is perfected.

Step 2. Doctor and Editors Expert Feedback in the Report

In our comprehensive report we include comments from our doctor and editor about why changes were made to your Medicine personal statement. The reason we take the time to cover this, is that this is useful for you to know as you may wish to write new things in your personal statement in the future if you later think of a new idea. Also, this will help improve your writing for the future, e.g. in CVs and job applications.

Step 3. Doctor’s Comments & Assessment in the Report

Our report will also contain comments from our doctor on what admissions tutors are looking for in a Medicine personal statement and assess how well your enhanced personal statement now achieves these things. These are useful to know for your Medicine interview as interviewers will be looking for similar, often identical, criteria. Knowing these criteria helps you to understand their perspective and makes it easier for you to demonstrate that you possess the criteria they are looking for.

Step 4. Finished Medicine Personal Statement

You will be provided with a finished version of your personal statement with changes made to it and visible using Microsoft Track changes. As well as our comprehensive report detailing all changes made and providing further recommendations to assist you at interview. The finished statement will meet the UCAS 47 line and 4000-character requirements.

360 Application Review Service

As well as the challenges of writing a medical school personal statement, many applicants will find the application as a whole daunting. This is where our 360 Medicine Application Review Service is designed to assist you. As part of this we will review your personal statement as detailed above, however, on top of this we will also consider and provide feedback on your application as a whole. This includes your UKCAT score, academic grades, work experience and your personal statement.

Personal Statement

A full Medicine personal statement review, as detailed above, is included as part of the 360-application review service.


The doctor reviewing your application will examine your UKCAT score and provide feedback on making tactical decisions on deciding where to apply based on your UKCAT scores, regardless of whether your scores are high or low.

Academic Grades

Medical school’s share many similarities in their entry requirements but also have substantial differences. Notably, the weight that they place on specific criteria and the processes that they use to select which candidates to interview are very different. Therefore we provide individualistic feedback on how to maximise your academic grades when considering where to apply.

Interview questions you may be asked

We, of course, cannot predict all the questions that can come up in your interview. However, taking all of your application into consideration, from your personal statement to your grades and UKCAT score, our doctor will highlight likely potential questions which may arise at interview. This will help you to effectively prepare for your interview.

What to do next

Our doctor will give tips on what to do now that you are at the stage where you are ready to submit your Medicine application. E.g. advice on your reference, some general advice on selecting medical schools etc.

Placing Your Order & Turnaround

Our 360 Medicine Application Review service has a turnaround time of 5 days, and our Personal Statement Review service has a turnaround time of 3 days from the time of purchase. To place your order simply select the service that you require and proceed to complete your order. We understand the time pressures of submitting a Medicine personal statement to UCAS. Therefore following your order being received, a member of our team will review your order and you will receive an order confirmation email.

Application Review Service

  • Full application review
  • by a qualified doctor.

Personal Statement Review

  • Personal statement reviewed
  • by a qualified doctor.