Medical School Interview Course Overview

Medicine interview courses overviewThe Medicine Answered one-day Medical School Interview Course is an intensive medical school interview preparation course designed and created by qualified doctors. We have designed the medicine interview course to ensure that it includes all the vital elements to help you excel in your medical school interview.

Our medicine interview course covers all the different interview types that are employed across the different medical schools. This includes the MMI and Oxbridge interviews. We believe that the key to succeeding in your interview is preparation. This is why our medicine interview course is designed to address all the various elements of the medical school interview from personal motivations, extracurricular achievements and medical ethics. As well as advanced body language and interview tips to enable you to convey your achievements and your answers in a confident and measured manner to make the best impression.

What You Need to Know About Our Medical School Interview Course

Medical School Interview Coaching

  • Unlike many other medicine interview courses, our expert medicine interview course creators are qualified doctors and have experience as interviewees and interviewers.
  • Our medical school interview courses are created and delivered by qualified doctors, who themselves received all four offers when applying to medical school. This gives our doctors a rare insight into what is required to succeed.
  • Our medicine interview course has been carefully designed to cover all the potential areas from personal motivations, medical ethics, and current affairs to body language and techniques.
  • We provide a comprehensive mock medicine interview simulation with extensive feedback, we also provide free ongoing feedback and support should you require it.

Medical Interview Course Structure

In our Medicine Interview course we will cover various topics and subjects as you will be able to see from the course itinerary. The topics that we cover will not only provide you with the relevant knowledge but also the practical techniques to tackle any interview question. As well as instil in you the confidence to present yourself in the best possible light.

Medicine Answered is headquartered in Manchester, this is why the majority of the courses that we run are based in central Manchester locations. However, we do also deliver our courses at various cities across the UK. Our venues are located centrally, and we always ensure that they are very easy to reach. Our 2018 dates and locations are as follows:

Manchester Medicine Interview Course: 27/10/2018 | 03/11/2018 | 24/11/2018 | 01/12/2018 | 08/12/2018 | 15/12/2018

Leeds Interview Course: 11/11/2018

Birmingham Interview Course: 17/11/2018 | 18/11/2018

London Medicine Interview Course: 22/12/2018

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Time Session
13:00 LUNCH

Benefits of our Medical School Interview Course

Maximum 12 participants during the day

The number of participants at a medical school interview course is key in how effective and useful the course will be for you. We limit our group sizes to 12 as we believe that having a smaller group ensures that the session is more effective and useful for each participant. It also ensures that we are able to tailor the course to individual needs.

Personal attention & feedback throughout

Not only will the small number of participants make it easier for you to practice often during the day, you will also have personal access to the doctor to discuss your personal issues before the course, during all the breaks and after the course. We often find that this is an important part of the course in providing answers to questions.

Group activities and individual practice

Medical school interview technique is not simply about theory, the most important part is practice. Having small groups as well as our course structure enables us to combine an informative lecture style as well as interactive Q&As. This ensures that you will come away from our medical school interview course feeling confident and prepared.

We encourage students to think for themselves

Our teaching strategy is to enable you to learn all of the key medical interview skills through discussion and active participation. We make you think for yourself and ensure that through our medical interview course you gain all the tools you need. We believe this is the most effective strategy and will instil the necessary confidence to tackle any question.

A unique blend of medical and communication

Our medical school interview courses are put together by both qualified doctors and communication specialists. This gives us a unique ability to look at the interview process from the medical and the communication angles, no other medical school interview course providers offer this level of expertise and experience.

Free email follow-up advice and support

After the medicine interview course, we remain in contact with you. Once back home preparing for your medicine interview, you will inevitably have questions or come across issues which will bother you. As part of the medical school interview course we are able to provide you ongoing advice and answers to questions you may have.

Medicine Answered Free Application Guides

Medical school interview course free guidesAt Medicine Answered we believe that medical school education should not be about your background but based on merit, hard work and ability. We know that not everyone will be able to attend one of our medical school interview courses, this is why we provide comprehensive, reliable medical school application guides freely available on our website.

We provide free one stop guides covering all aspects of the medical school application process and beyond. From picking medical schools in the UK and abroad; the secrets to securing relevant medical work experience and writing medical school personal statements; all the way to what it is like to be a fully qualified doctor and working in the NHS. All of our medical guides and articles are carefully and accurately written by doctors to assist everyone whether you can attend one of our courses or not.

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Medicine Interview Course ManchesterMedicine Answered delivers medical school interview courses all year round at various cities across the UK. Being based in Manchester means that we offer the majority of our courses in central Manchester, however we do constantly add dates for cities around the UK. When you are ready to book a place on our medicine interview course simply select the relevant date and venue below and proceed to checkout. After completing your order you will receive order confirmation, as well as details of the venue closer to the date of the medicine interview course.

If you have any questions for the Medicine Answered team in the meantime do not hesitate to contact us.