Our Medical School Application Guide

Welcome to Medicine Answered’s completely free guide to succeeding in your Medicine application. Our medical school application guide is broken into 6 key topics, all of which comprehensively cover various aspects of the medicine application. Our guides are entirely free as part of our commitment to making high quality information about a career in Medicine free and easily accessible.  Thoroughly researched, our medicine application guide is written by doctors and communications experts to help give you the edge in your application.

Graduate Entry Medicine Guide

A Guide to Applying for Graduate Entry Medicine

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Parents and Teachers Guide for Medicine Applications

How to Support Someone Applying to Medicine: Parents & Teachers guide

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Choosing Medical Schools

How to Choose Which Medical School to Apply to

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Guide to Medicine Admissions Tests

A Guide to Admissions Tests for Medicine: UKCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT

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Guide to writing a medicine personal statement

A Guide on How to Write a Medicine Personal Statement

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International students applying to medicine

A Guide for International Students Applying to Study Medicine in the UK

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