For 2018 entry only Edinburgh Medical School did not interview the majority of its applicants. Its policy was to typically not interview medical school applicants who were school leavers (i.e. straight after A-levels or equivalent) They still interview graduate and mature applicants using medical MMI interviews but the interview only comprised 30% of the total application score. This may sound like a good option for you if you don’t like interviews but bear in mind that your entire application has to be very strong. You will not have an opportunity to compensate for or explain any weaknesses or shortcomings like you could at a medical school who interviews applicants. Additionally your other three UCAS medical school choices will still use interviews. The competition for any Medical school including Edinburgh is very high. Edinburgh Medical schools recent data showed that 10 applicants applied for each home place and 21 applicants applied for each international place.

How do Edinburgh Medical school select students if they do not interview them?

Edinburgh will look at your entire UCAS medical application. For 2018 entry they used two assessors to independently of each other score applications. The highest scoring applicants are made offers to study Medicine at Edinburgh.

For 2018 entry to Medicine at Edinburgh this was the weighting the admissions team gave to each component of the UCAS medical application:

For candidates who are not interviewed i.e. school leavers:

Academic achievements: 50%
UKCAT (excluding SJT component) – 20%
SJT component of UKCAT: 15%
Personal statement/reference: 15%

For candidates who are interviewed i.e. mature and graduate applicants:

Interview: 30%
Academic achievements: 35% academic
UKCAT (excluding SJT component): 20%
SJT component of UKCAT: 15%

How can Medicine Answered help you to apply to Edinburgh Medical School?

Medicine answered offer a range of leading services which will help you to gain entry to your chosen Medical school including Edinburgh Medical School. We offer an excellent 360° application review service. At the heart of this is a personal statement review. Your medicine personal statement will be reviewed by a professional proofreader and also line by line by a doctor who received all four UCAS medical school offers themselves. Your personal statement will be proofread by a professional correcting grammar, structure and tone. Next a doctor will give an overall impression of your statement and then specifically comment on areas of strength and weakness. They will provide you with tailored advice on strengthening your medical school application before your application or interview and tailored to how much time you have left before the application. They will then suggest areas of discussion which may come up in your Medicine interview based on your personal statement.

Of course even if you do apply to Edinburgh Medical School, the other medical schools in your UCAS application will still interview applicants. Also Edinburgh Medical School still interview graduates and mature students. We can help. We offer both one to one individual medical tutoring (either in person or online) as well as our highly rated Medical school interview course. All of our medical school interview courses and one to one medical tutoring is delivered only by doctors who successfully passed all four medical school interviews and gained all four UCAS offers. This is unlike our competitors as our courses are not delivered by non-medics, medical students or people who were not fully successful in the application process themselves. Our philosophy is that your time is valuable and limited. To help you maximise the use of that limited time to prepare for your medicine interview, we believe that you should only be taught by experts who have excelled at their own interviews and have sat on both sides of the interview panel.

In our Medicine interview course we thoroughly cover traditional and MMI medical school interviews and everything in between. We focus on massively increasing your confidence about the interview and reducing your anxieties to maximise your performance on the day of your Medical school interview. We offer Medicine interview courses across the UK. You will also receive an exclusive discount to use our other services such as our one to one Medical tutoring with a doctor or our 360° application review service.

You can book a place on our Medical School Interview Course, or our specialist tutoring sessions via our website. Alternatively, if you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us.