Applying To Liverpool Medical School

Welcome to our series of medical school profiles. These are completely free as part of Medicine Answered’s commitment to making information on a career in Medicine free and readily available. These medical school profiles can used be in conjunction with our free guide “choosing which medical schools to apply to” which covers 19 points that you can systematically run through when considering if a medical school is an excellent choice for you to apply to.

What this guide to applying to study Medicine at Liverpool Medical School covers

This medical school profile provides key information for applying to study Medicine at Liverpool Medical School. We begin by discussing the courses on offer at Liverpool Medical School. We also discuss the entry requirements for studying Medicine at Liverpool Medical School. This includes how Liverpool Medical School uses applicants UKCAT results or GAMSAT results, in the case of Graduate applicants; the interview process at Liverpool Medical School; how Liverpool Medical School uses Medicine personal statements and other key details and statistics that will help you to apply to study Medicine at Liverpool medical school. We cover topics such as the Liverpool open day; information for international Medicine applicants and Graduate Entry Medicine applicants to Liverpool medical school. Finally, we cover tips on how to write a Medicine personal statement for Liverpool Medical School and tips on how to pass the Liverpool Medical School MMI interview.

Courses on offer at Liverpool Medical School:

  • Standard Entry Medicine (5 years). UCAS course code A100

  • Accelerated Graduate Entry Medicine (4 years) UCAS course code A101

  • Foundation to Health & Veterinary studies (1 year) UCAS course code 789S – Only for students meeting certain widening participation criteria. Can lead to application for entry to 5-year Medicine course

There are also entry routes to study Medicine at Liverpool for existing Science students of Liverpool university. Liverpool medical school also provide a shortened three-year pathway for Dentists wishing to study Medicine in order to pursue a career in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

The competition for offers for a place to study Medicine at Liverpool Medical School:

5-year Standard Entry Medicine Course at Liverpool:

Number of applicants per interview: 1.6 (home/EEA) 2.7 (international)

Number of applicants per place: 8.5 (home/EEA) 12 (international)

4-year Accelerated Graduate Entry Medicine Programme at Liverpool:

Number of applicants per interview: 2.7 (home/EEA only)

Number of applicants per place: 12 (home/EEA only)

International Applicants to study Medicine at Liverpool Medical School

Liverpool Medical School welcomes international applications to its standard five-year Medicine programme. International students are not eligible to apply to Liverpool Medical Schools accelerated Graduate Entry Medicine programme. This is only open to applicants from the European Economic Area (EEA) which includes the UK.

Graduate Entry Medicine at Liverpool Medical School:

Liverpool Medical School offer an accelerated four-year Graduate Entry Medicine programme. This is for graduates who as a minimum hold a good 2:1 honours degree in a Biological, Biomedical or Health Science subject. This is only open to home students (which includes students from the EEA). The Liverpool Graduate Entry Medicine course structure involves Graduate Medicine students attending a two-week summer school and then directly joining the second year of the five-year standard entry Medicine programme. In this way, the Medicine degree is four years instead of five, as Graduates skip the first year of the standard Medicine degree.

We have an entirely free guide on applying to Medicine if you are a graduate. This is a comprehensive guide and includes everything from fees, funding, making a decision to study Graduate Entry Medicine, deciding between four-year programmes and standard entry Medicine programmes and much more. We also have a comprehensive and entirely free guide on how to write a graduate entry Medicine personal statement.

Liverpool Medical School open days and taster days

Liverpool Medical School offer several open days. They also offer taster days where you can get a taste of what it is like to be a Liverpool medical student. A Liverpool Medicine open day is also a great way for you to get to know the city better.

Liverpool Medical School course structure:

Liverpool Medical School’s course structure is often associated with PBL as it was one of the pioneering UK medical schools to use PBL. However, the course structure at Liverpool Medical School is now centred around an integrated curriculum. This is the most common type of course structure for UK medical schools. Integrated course structures mean that basic sciences and clinical concepts are taught together instead of the traditional (and now rare) approach of separating the teaching of the sciences with the teaching of Clinical Medicine. This means students learn about medical sciences in the context of how patients present clinically. As a result, Liverpool Medical School gives medical students early patient contact.

A wide range of teaching methods and settings are used in the Liverpool Medical School curriculum including lectures, seminars, lab sessions, case-based learning and more. Liverpool Medical School is increasingly using virtual reality learning, simulation and other modern technology enhanced learning methods.

Intercalation at Liverpool Medical School

Liverpool Medical School gives medical students the opportunity to intercalate during their time studying Medicine. This includes masters level programmes. Many medical schools give students the chance to intercalate, and it is a popular option. We discuss this further in our free blogs. Intercalation allows students to interrupt their medical studies and gain a degree in a chosen subject and then return to the Medicine degree. By intercalating in a BSc for example, medical students can gain this qualification in only one year compared to the typical three years it would take a non-intercalating student to be awarded this degree.

Electives at Liverpool Medical School and studying abroad.

As with other medical schools, Liverpool medical school course structure includes an elective. This can be in the medical school, elsewhere in the UK or as most students choose, abroad. Liverpool Medical School also offer other chances for students to spend time studying abroad.

Entry Requirements for Liverpool Medical Schools 5-year Medicine programme:

You must carefully understand the entry requirements for Liverpool Medical School before you make an application there. Meeting the minimum entry requirements for Liverpool medical school does not guarantee an interview as the application process is highly competitive. Below are some headline details about the entry requirements for Liverpool Medical School for 2019 entry. You can see the full information on their prospectus or website.

Degree requirements for Graduate applicants: If applying with a graduate degree, a minimum of a good 2:1 in a honours degree in a Biological, Biomedical or Health Science subject is necessary.

A-Level entry requirement for Liverpool Medical School: For those applying without a degree, A-level offers at Liverpool medical school are typically AAA. Note that Liverpool medical school require both Biology and Chemistry at A level.

GCSE entry requirements for Liverpool Medical School: GCSEs are scored where A*/A = 2 and B = 1. Candidates require a minimum of fifteen points from nine GCSEs. This includes Maths, English and Science all at a minimum grade B. Dual award subjects or Maths and Further Maths will only gain two points with the exception of Dual Science where up to four points may be awarded.

Admissions tests – how does Liverpool Medical School use UKCAT scores?

Non-graduate applicants to Liverpool medical school are required to sit the UKCAT exam. Students with a graduate degree applying to Liverpool medical school for either the standard or Graduate entry Medicine programme are required to sit the GAMSAT. For more information about the UKCAT and GAMSAT and how to prepare for the UKCAT and GAMSAT, see our free admissions tests guide and FAQ.

How does Liverpool Medical School use the Medicine personal statement?

Liverpool medical school does not use the Medicine personal statement in deciding who to interview. However, it is used at the Liverpool Medicine interview which we discuss later in this guide.

Tips on how to write a successful Medicine personal statement for Liverpool Medical school

  • Our entirely free guide, how to write a Medicine personal statement in 10 steps, takes you from step 1 – no plan and nothing written down, all the way to step 10 – a completed excellent personal statement ready for you to submit to UCAS.
  • You can also use our analysis of a successful Medicine personal statement if you are looking for some inspiration on getting started. As well as providing an example of a Medicine personal statement that received four offers it also details our analysis of the strengths of the statement.
  • The meaning and insight gained from experiences such as work experience or extracurricular activities are the most critical thing admissions tutors are looking for, even more so than what you actually did. Merely making long lists of achievements or diary accounts of activities is not what admissions tutors at Liverpool medical school or any other medical school are looking for. It is up to you to make the most of what you have done and show the medical school admissions panel how your experiences will make an excellent candidate to study Medicine. Our free article: How to show the attributes of self-reflection and personal insight into your Medicine application, will help you to write in the manner that admissions tutors are looking for.
  • You can consider a Medicine personal statement review service. These are offered by various companies. They are not essential, so do not believe any company that tells you otherwise. However, services by competent providers can add real value to your Medicine application. When looking at providers ensure that they are by experts in Medicine admissions and have professional skills in editing and reviewing. Medicine Answered provide an excellent medical school personal statement review service with a unique level of expertise. A professional editor and then a doctor (who received all four offers to study Medicine) will examine the personal statement line by line and make the appropriate corrections. After making sure the grammar and writing are flawless, they will also comment on the overall strength of the application and make suggestions of things which may be asked at your Medicine interview based on your medical school personal statement.

What type of interview does Liverpool Medical school use?

Liverpool medical school uses MMI interviews.

Tips for passing a Liverpool medical school MMI interview

Success at a Liverpool medical school MMI interview (or at any other medical school interview) is not random. It involves a tried and tested set of steps that you can also follow:

  • A strategic plan on how to prepare for your Medicine interview – This is covered in our free guide on how to prepare for your Medicine interview in seven steps.
  • Learning key Medicine interview strategies – We have plenty of free articles covering Medicine interview strategies as well as a free database of real Medicine interview questions with examples of full competent answers, analysis, and advice on how to approach these Medicine interview questions. We also have a free guide to Medical Ethics and blog articles such as how to deal with hostile interviewers, how to answer opinion questions and more.
  • Avoiding common Medicine interview pitfalls – See our free guide on common Medicine Interview pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Intelligent, reflective Medicine interview practice – Use our free exclusive database of Medicine interview questions and answers.
  • Execution on the interview day – Preparation and practice are one part of success. The other part is peak performance and execution on the day. Read our free article about dealing with nerves in your interview.

If you prefer a face to face approach, Medicine Answered also provide excellent doctor delivered one-day Medicine interview courses as well as one to one private tutoring online or in person. All of our courses and tutoring are delivered only by doctors who passed all four of their Medicine interviews. For more information see our services section.