This blog is about non-verbal communication for your Medicine interview. Specifically, it covers how staying comfortable helps your non-verbal communication. For a full guide on non-verbal communication for your Medicine interview, head on over to our completely free interview guide section. Amongst other guides, you will find a free guide on body language for your Medicine interview. If you prefer a face to face approach, then we also offer one to one Medicine interview tutoring with a doctor which can cover any aspect of the interview process.

If you are uncomfortable, then do something to change it

It is difficult to have positive non-verbal communication for your Medicine interview if you are uncomfortable. For example, you are becoming very hot in your suit jacket or realise that your tie is too tight. These issues can particularly be the case as you may not be used to wearing formal wear. Or perhaps the sun is in your eyes or the air conditioning is blowing down on you directly. In these instances, make the necessary adjustment: take a moment to put on or take off another layer; loosen your tie; move away from under the air conditioning etc.

A story to highlight how being uncomfortable can affect your non-verbal communication involves a man and a woman in a cafe taking the last steps in a business deal by signing a contract for a deal which had already been agreed upon. Everything was set up for the deal to go through but at this final hurdle of signing the contract, something looked untoward – The man looked uncomfortable, shifty even as if he was trying to hide something. He kept touching his face. Occasionally he would scrunch his eyes and turn his face to the side slightly. Now and then he would wipe a little sweat from his forehead. The woman, in the end, decided to not go through with the deal at the last moment as she felt that something was awry, and the man was trying to hide something. In reality, the man was very hot and uncomfortable in his suit and tie (which he was not used to wearing), and where he was sitting the sun was directly in his eyes, so he kept scrunching his eyes and turning his head. If he had just apologised and said that the sun was in his eyes and moved slightly and taken off his jacket and loosened his tie, this situation could have been avoided. He looked uncomfortable because he was. Because his body language was at odds with what he was saying it made him appear untrustworthy.

Other ways to stay comfortable: food and drink

Throughout the day make sure you stay hydrated and go to the toilet when necessary. Don’t forget to eat. Candidates are sometimes reluctant to eat as they feel it will upset their stomach if they are nervous. If this is the case then having a breakfast of porridge or cereal will be preferable to a fried breakfast. Something like porridge will provide you with stable, long-lasting energy throughout the day without giving you a heavy feeling in your stomach. Fruit can be easily consumed throughout the day and is generally digested quickly without leaving you with a heavy feeling stomach.