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Medicine Interview Course 2021


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In the medicine interview course you will be taught how to deal with various topics which include medical ethics, critical thinking, personal insight, NHS hot topics, knowledge of medical school life and insight into medicine and medical careers. Techniques covered in the medicine interview course include handling hostile interviewers and MMI actors, controlling nerves, mastering body language, charisma and more.

We, of course, teach you how to answer specific medicine interview questions and MMI stations on all of these topics. Our aim is to by the end of the course, give you the ability to handle any medicine interview question and MMI station.

Topics are covered without overloading you with unnecessary information, are tailored precisely to the medicine interview and are delivered alongside memory techniques that ensure that you can retain and apply the information. You will be taught these by experts who have successfully navigated their own Medicine interview journey with a 100 per cent success rate and are passionate about teaching you how to do the same.

Medical school interview technique is not simply about theory; practice is an essential element. Throughout the medicine interview course, you will get the opportunity to apply the techniques learned and to practice interview questions, receiving immediate feedback from the doctor who will improve your strategy, content and delivery.

This ensures that you will come away from our medical school interview course with improved technique and feeling more confident and prepared.

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Manchester, Leeds, Online Course

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07/11/2021, 14/11/2021, 21/11/2021, 28/11/2021, 05/12/2021, 11/12/2021, 12/12/2021, 19/12/2021, 09/01/2022, 16/01/2022, 30/01/2022, 06/02/2022