What is the difference between, e.g. a Medic Portal Interview Course Versus a Medicine Answered Interview Course or Versus a 6med Interview Course?

There are many Medicine interview courses available. Some established providers include the Medic Portal medicine interview course; the ISC medical school interview course; the 6med medicine interview course as well as several others. This article looks at what are some of the pros and cons of attending a medicine interview course. We also look at what the differences are in attending, for example, a Medicine Answered Interview course versus a Medic Portal medical school interview course or in comparison to a 6med interview course etc.

Do I need to attend a Medicine interview course?

Courses provided by reputable companies such as the Medic Portal medicine interview course, Medic Portal MMI course, ISC medical school interview course or our own Medicine Answered interview course, offer plenty of valuable insights and guidance to help you with your medical school interview. However, it should be stressed that interview courses are definitely not essential to passing your interview. Many thousands of people every year accept offers to study Medicine without ever attending an interview preparation course.

While courses such as the Medic Portal Interview course will have differences to the Medicine Answered Interview course or other companies – when delivered by reputable companies such as these – then these courses all have a lot to offer. They can save you a lot of time and offer insights that are difficult to gain elsewhere. However, remember that like most services (such as deciding whether or not you need a driving instructor or not, or a private tutor) they are not an essential service and it is up to you to decide whether or not they are for you.

Teaching Medicine to anyone who has the required attributes and is willing is in the spirit of what it means to be a doctor. This is even mentioned in the famous Hippocratic Oath from the times of ancient Greece. The first steps in becoming a doctor start with being able to study at medical school. We believe that entry to medical school should be based on merit and personal ability. This is a view shared amongst much of the medical profession.

This is why organisations such as ourselves and also other companies do not just provide courses but offer many completely free services to help you in your Medicine application. This is in addition to the face-to-face work we do out in the community to provide free guidance to help people pursue their ambition of studying Medicine and higher education in general. Other companies for example the Medic Portal, as well as offering their Medic Portal interview course also help people apply to Medicine in some of these ways too, e.g. by providing free articles with tips and guidance on applying to Medicine.

What if I cannot attend an interview course such as the Medic Portal Interview course or the Medicine Answered Course?

The key to your interview success is your personal attributes, commitment and your preparation – not whether or not you attended an interview course, be it one of our courses or any other interview course such as the Medic Portal interview course or ISC Medicine interview course. An interview course is great preparation, but there are plenty of other ways to prepare for your Medicine interview without taking a Medicine interview course.

Teachers, career advisors, doctors you meet in work experience, are all a valuable resource and one that you should be utilising regardless of if you are attending an interview course or not. Our website is filled with resources in helping you apply to Medical school. They are completely free and do not require you to sign up for anything or provide an email address. They are designed to help you in any stage of the medical school application process. Make sure to constantly practice answering out questions out loud and not just by reading up about them or writing down answers. Family and friends can be helpful. You can write down questions in a hat and pick them out at random. You can even construct a mock interview.

Will I be at a disadvantage if I do not attend a Medicine interview course, e.g. the Medic portal interview course or the Medicine Answered Interview Course?

You should take a course if you think it will benefit you, not just because other people are taking them. A good course will help you prepare. Good courses will even offer insights which may be difficult to find elsewhere. However, if you can prepare well in other ways instead, you will not be at a disadvantage. As we have stated, many thousands of people every year pass the medical school interviews without attending courses such as the medic portal interview course, our own or that by any other provider.

How do I choose a Medicine interview course?

If you have decided that you want to attend a medical school interview course, the next question is deciding which Medicine interview course you would like to attend. A common question is what are the differences between a Medic portal interview course versus a Medicine Answered interview course or another course such as an ISC medical school interview course versus a Medicine Answered interview course or versus a 6med interview course. There are many courses available, and we cannot comment on all of them. Generally speaking courses from the more established companies such ourselves, the Medic portal interview course or the ISC medical school interview course have a track record of providing good courses. Just like deciding to use any companies services, remember to not just take their word for it. Have a healthy scepticism of a company’s claims and do your own research. Be critical and make up your own mind if a course is for you regardless of how good a company’s reputation is or how many people use their services.

You can use a variety of sources in making your decision. Look at who delivers the courses? What is the structure of the course? Is it right for you? You can look at reviews for Medicine interview courses. Compare a few medical school interview courses reviews such as looking at Medic portal interview course reviews, Medicine Answered interview course reviews, ISC medical school course reviews, 6med interview course reviews etc.

What are the differences between a Medicine Answered Interview Course vs Medic Portal Interview course or vs an ISC medical school interview course?

Some other differences in courses, e.g. differences between medicine answered interview courses versus medic portal interview course or any other company include the locations that the companies offer; who created the courses and who delivers the course, how many participants per course etc. Some courses such as the medic portal Medicine interview course or Medic portal MMI course are created and/or delivered with the help of doctors as well as other professionals who are not doctors. Other courses such as the 6med Medicine interview course were developed and/or delivered by medical students. Our own Medicine Answered interview courses are all created and delivered only by doctors. Additionally, we only select doctors who have passed all four interviews and received all four medical school offers. This is the minimum standard for all of our interview courses as we believe to maximise your chances of success you should be guided by people who have gone through the process with a rare 100 percent success rate themselves.

Regarding the number of participants per interview course, you should be able to find this information on the relevant company’s website or you could try contacting them if they have not made this clear. All Medicine Answered interview courses are kept small to ensure each participant receives personalised feedback and has plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Prepare for your Interview with Medicine Answered

At Medicine Answered we offer specialist medical school interview tutoring as well as our one-day Medicine Interview Course. Created and delivered by doctors our tutoring sessions and medicine interview courses aim to ensure that you cover all the vital elements to help you excel in your medicine interview. Our Medicine Interview Course covers all the different interview types that are employed across the different medical schools. This includes the MMI and Oxbridge interviews, we believe that the key to succeeding in your interview is preparation.

You can book a place on our Medical School Interview Course, or our specialist tutoring sessions via our website. Alternatively, if you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us.